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Web Services & Application Integration

Application Integration using web services

The web development agencies of Infipi Technologies have massive systems chording expertise and they know how to make your online business run smoothly, securely and cost-effectively.

How is it done?

It is done when all your applications get to interact with each other securely. Your payment gateway may not speak the same language as your accountancy software or your CRM, but we can get all of these APIs helping you to become slicker, smarter and more streamlined as a business.

Talk to our team whenever needed, as our technically outstanding web developers surely will bring harmony to your needs.

Let’s stage technical

The more you cruise through our system, the deeper you get technical. We use XML, JSON or CSV as data formats along with SOAP, REST, AJAY & CURL to transport data anywhere from, well, anything. We have worked with more APIs, hence the system is well screened. Telephone systems, CRMs, accounting, payroll, market places, payment gateways, warehousing, logistics, email platforms, and whatnot. You name it, we can embrace it.

Whether you need to build an automated system that would facilitate time, for being able to focus or want to integrate two disparate applications, we’ll make it happen, ensuring the purpose served successfully.

Adding to the following beneficiary points, we can even apply clever little applications into your existing kit, whether that’s a currency converter, weather reporter or a translation tool.

Better, faster, stronger

If getting yourself pinned up high in this business is your dream, then stay firm and trust our service. The web development specialists of Infipi Technologies can recommend a number of options. We take the time to learn about your business, your innovations so we can map out your path to slick web performance which saves you valuable time, money and rules out human error.

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