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Want to make your prospects credible into a wider spectrum? Well, the team at Infipi Technologies, Gurgaon offers you the Intelligent CMS development, which is exactly the platform where it ensures your efforts to get weaved the way you want- more quick and easy. All you have to do is keeping your content fresh, relevant and a modern look which is essential to build your online brand, having ensured the search engine success. This gives you the advantage of not being concerned about the recent updates, and also there is no need to keep a check on your developer every time you feel to add content.


To make it work like quick and easy, you need to perform few steps

  • Use dynamic sitemaps
  • Create new pages
  • Upload downloadable PDFs for your visitors
  • Control and organize your imagery and content
  • Edit text attributes
  • Schedule content updates
  • Add meta data, hyperlinks, unlimited sub navigation links
  • Keep your blog fresh
  • Set up unlimited administrator accounts.

To create your website, you can carve your way using any tools you need as cherry toppings.

All CMS systems we develop, ensures the simplicity and impressive usability. We, the whole team at Infipi Technologies are here to train and guide you to get yourself a good grip on your skills. If you need any further technical support, remember that you’re just a phone call away!


Need Joomla tweaks, Drupal updates, WordPress development or little Magento magic? We can craft it down by simplifying and adding accessibility to all of the leading platforms available, providing a personally tailored solution which makes your CMS work for you. We can link your terminal ends to additional programs to create a seamless, streamlined system. Basically you have to connect your shop front with your order fulfillment service, link your payment gateway to your accountancy software- whatever makes your online business easier, you only have to ask.

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