What Are The New Relevance Scores For Facebook Ads?

Infipi Team

Currently, immense news has been flashed that we has got permission to access the hottest tool for advertisers on Facebook. 2 weeks ago, the new metric has publicized that this new advertising tool has been set to protect the money of possessors of the business page.

Facebook advertising page had been introduced with a new feature, the Relevance Score.The relevance score is premeditated on the basis of the positive and negative response of the Facebook users.Facebook will ascribe a relevance score for your advertisement depending on whether the Facebook users find your advertise appropriate as per to their interest and prerequisites.The introduction of this feature on Facebook is very effective. The users can leave a response on the page if they dislike or wedge any advertisement. The utmost goal is here to engage your targeted audience with the pertinent ad. For this you need a social media marketing company who can take control over your campaigns and can employ advanced paid campaigns strategies to reach and engage worthy audience.

The primer of relevance score by Facebook was the immense footstep for both the business pagers owners and the targeted audiences as well. The relevance scores are based on 1 to 10 points. The metric is very guileless: a score out of 10 points will let you know whether your ad is liked by the users or not. Let’s check out an authorized statement which was updated on a Facebook blog about how the Relevance Scores works:

“As soon as the users leave a response on advertisement page, the business page owner will get a report about the scores. Products which are easily reachable to viewers and have an assured delivery are not wedged by relevance scores. Product-related campaigns and promotional ads are not much affected by Relevance Scores. The main objective of these campaigns and promotional ads is to increase the sales and motivate the targeted audience to buy the product” and that’s what a good smo services company in Gurgaon do to achieve their business goals.

We have optimism that this will create awareness among buyers. It also guides them on how to save money on Facebook ads. Currently, Facebook has become an imperative approach to reach the desired products to the buyers. A methodology of drawing new buyers towards the ads is well cherished by business page possessors.


There is no doubt that Facebook is the impeccable place for a maximum number of the business owners. It aids in building the network and beget revenue as well. We suggest some guidelines on how to get benefit from the new metric for Facebook ads. Foremost step is to do analysis on how to reach the targeted audience through advertisement. Does usage of wordings, images, and uploading of videos, upturn your relevance score.

Extraneous ads will affect the relevance scores. If you are savior-fair with the new relevance scores then you are welcome to share your experience in our comments segment.

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