Responsive Web Design

Responsive Website Design

Responsive web design to make your site look good on multiple devices

Responsive web design or RWD is that approach which is adopted to web design such that desktop web pages look good on multiple devices like tablets, phones and desktops and adjusts to various screen sizes. More than 58% of the Indians have smart phones and 60% of residents account for owning a tablet. The stated percentage seems to increase day by day. There is no chance of this mobile revolution slowing down. As per the latest findings, there will be more mobile phone by the end of 2017. One has to make sure that the website appears great or functions in a flawless manner no matter what the device is. Whether it is an Android phone, a smart phone, a tablet, or iOS device, the website must function properly.

A Universal Website For Multiple Screen

You may not know but simply getting a mobile-ready website is not sufficient. You need to ensure that your website is functional, interactive and responsive in a way that it delivers an outstanding user experience. Whatever work we do at Infipi Technologies is all user-centric. We create responsive web designs in order to boost your customers’ engagement, lower the bounce rate while raising conversion rate. To offer a seamless web-to-mobile-to-tablet experience, you may talk to our web design professionals at our web design agency.

If your users cannot reach out to you via a smart phone, you are missing out on huge profits.


How does it function?

If you wish to attract more number of tablet and smart phone users to your website, there are a number of factors to consider. You can simply increase mobile traffic by choosing a mobile friendly web design. Everything has to be considered right from the website’s loading time and font sizes, layout to realizing the portions that the users want to access in your website. Mobile responsiveness implies thinking about the mobile experience of the internet users. We at Infipi Technologies ensure:

  • Keeping images to the minimum as it consumes the loading time. We keep the data cost of our visitors to the lowest and speed up the mobile experience
  • With our services, there is no need to do repeated zooming as the site seamlessly adjusts to the screen size
  • Navigational links will be clear without any need for mouse-over hover feature
  • Via the mobile, the users can access all the important information. This is ensured after analyzing smart phone visitor flow, the mobile menu and mobile site architecture.

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