7 Secret Points to Successful Social Media Marketing

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For marketers, it is important to have their right and targeted audience for their business brand. A good social media marketing strategy can act as a guiding light to them for creating brand awareness, driving customer loyalty, and capturing new audiences for your business. A well established digital marketing company in Gurgaon must have a bombing and proactive social media marketing strategy which in return can increase their ROI and drive more traffic to their website than paid marketing.

These benefits are quite tricky. You can achieve these benefits only when you are focused to gain brand publicity and more audience to your website. But drifting the relevant and potential traffic to your website and social accounts can be tough as your competitors are also having the same goal. SO, how to do that? How to make a winning social media marketing strategy?

Here are top 7 secret tips for social media marketing from scratch, that not only drive more traffic to your website apart from well-structured website design, also it will help improve your website performance and that would be a great advantage for an SEO agency in Gurgaon.

#1   Set social media marketing goals

Every marketing effort starts with well-defined objectives. So, before implementing the campaigns, starting any activities or content, you must look up for establishing an objective for your work. This will keep you focused and help to track the success of your social media marketing strategies. Some of the common and must have objectives be:

  • Drive more traffic
  • Increase brand authority
  • Improving sales and user retention
  • Boosting customer loyalty and media relations

#2   Competitor’s research on social media

Grabbing attention on social media is completely ferocious. If you want your brand to be successful identity, you need to keep track on the activities of your competitors. List all your business competitors, what social platform they use the most, when and what type of posts or tweets the do? What audience do they target and which platform sent most of the traffic to their website? All these can be tracked using social media marketing tools like alexa, etc. Every digital marketing company gurgaon must keep an eye on their competitors and track their strategy success.

 #3  Research your audience

Before setting up campaigns and channels for your business, start finding out what type of audience hangs out more. Which age group does prefer similar products? Like today, 70-80% people of age group 18-40 are active on Instagram, 80% of Pinterest users are females, most males prefer to tweet on twitter, etc.  Find and target the correct audience for your business and for that you might need SEO consultants.

#4 Keep track and audit your social media success

If you are already present on social channels then start making audits of your social activities. Keep check on each and every move that you put to serve your products and services to your audience month-on-month. Metrics like impressions, likes, comments, reach, website referrals, etc will help to define current social media engagement status and measure your improvements.

#5 Prioritize content type

A good social media marketing strategy factors on the content type and scheduling them different channels. Based on your objectives, the content for different social media channel must be prioritize or should maintain a social media content calendar to better measure the success of your activities. Do not forget social media is not just for promotion! Most people unfollow the accounts just because they are too promotional. So manage your content accordingly because people want human interaction and personal attention whatever social media channel they use.

#6 Proper Content Promotion Planning

Prominent call to action and share buttons can encourage your customers to engage and perform activities on your content based on the type of content and what goal you have behind the share. This can make them encourage sharing your brands’ content with their networks. A study revealed that most people trust on the services and products shared by their networks rather than content directly promoted by a brand. Most social media marketing companies in Gurgaon promote their services by running paid campaigns. Those post contents that can generate more ROI and engagement on social media can increase your content distribution and help improve brand awareness as well.

#7 Monitoring social media impact

The real way to measure the success of your social media strategy is to compare the results with prior strategies. Some of the metric that can help monitor and keep track of all your strategies and activities positive and negative impacts are unique customer visits and social media referrals to website, social mentions for measuring the brand awareness success, improving customer support, customer retention, increasing PR and brand mentions, etc.

*UTM tracking links can help you to track which post or social media content is driving more traffic to your website and growing more revenue.

Bottom Line

Tracking the metrics can help you refine your strategies. A well reputed digital marketing agency in gurgaon can help reaching your goals. Cut out those activities that aren’t helping to reaching your marketing goals. Better to invest time and energy on those strategies that results worth executing.

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