5 tips to enhance media performance using Google analytics

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Do you have a a static website or an eCommerce online store? Whether your website is for business or for personal use, Google Analytics is important in the both cases. Every website owner must install Google Analytics to analyze and measure their website traffic.  It can answer all your questions about your website health and performance.

Google Analytics gives a great opportunity to integrate the Google Search Console and Google Adwords with it. Linking them can help marketers of SEO company to get deeper insights, implement smarter campaigns, & can drive better business results. Today, everything is available online and the customer wants the right product expecting it to be delivered at the right time with the right message. In response to this, how marketers are responding with the ad experiences that are assistive and personalized? To have these experiences, the digital marketers are linking their Google Ads and Google Analytics.

Here are 5 most actionable steps to enhance your media performance that your ad can deliver!

1. Connect your accounts

Linking Google Analytics and Google Ads put insight gathering and ads creation side by side. This can help you to create campaigns easily that are informed by site metrics and conversion data. Few steps to get started with:

  • Sign in to Google Analytics
  • Click Admin then navigate the property you want to link
  • Click Google Ads Linking in the property column
  • Click + New Link Group.
  • Select the Google Ads account you want to link then continue.

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2.  Activate cross device capabilities

Cross device capabilities can help you understand how customers are behaving to your ad across different devices so you can easily optimize your strategy. Activating Google Signals allows you to enable Cross Device capabilities. With this, Google Analytics will provide you extra information about the users who have turned on Ads Personalization.

3. Create Analytics audience and share it with Google Ads

Creating audience in Google Analytics and sharing it with Google ads enables you to create ad campaign targeting specific segment of audience. For example, you can create audience from all returning customers and then create a re-marketing campaign for these customers.

4. Initiate and Import goals

Creating goals in Google Analytics can depict any site metrics that you may find important such as overall time spent on the website, any action on website, conversion, etc. Importing these goals on Google Ads allows you to obtain valuable conversion insights and site engagement metrics in Google Ads.

5. Construct and view reports

After linking Google Analytics and Google Ads, the SEO experts or the marketing experts get an opportunity to have access to a variety of reports in the Analytics account. This will help them to gain important campaign performance insights to optimize their marketing strategies.

Applying these useful tips, the digital marketing company Gurgaon can find the clear and deeper insights to generate optimized and smart ad campaigns to improve business outcomes.

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