2020’s Most Influencing SEO Trends!

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The SEO landscape is vast. It’s challenging to keep your website as per SEO rules. Sometimes some things remain the same like optimizing titles and descriptions, adding relevant keywords to the content, keeping website mobile-friendly, etc while the other side continues to change.

Google ensures to give out the best results that are possibly relevant, informative and accurate to the users. Thus, trying to be more and more end destination for their users’ journey so as SEO companies in Gurgaon do. This led to the most SEO trending updates in 2020 that can influence your work a lot. Digital marketing companies need to change the way they work to be in the framework created by Google.

5 SEO updates that influence your work in 2020:

ZERO clicks due to featured snippets

More than half of the searches are now changed to “Zero-clicked searches”. Thanks to SERPs featured snippets, knowledge graphs, local SEO, etc. This means the users are now able to get their answers on SERP itself without having to click away anywhere on a particular site.

What does the SEO agency do now? Focus on the keywords that can actually bring more clicks.

Optimize for Rich and Featured snippets

In the situation where zero-click searches are so prevalent, the information provided on zero rank position must be relevant and accurate to answer the user query, which is now more important for website design and digital marketing agency than ever. Two awesome ways to get this done is by optimizing your website for rich snippets or featured snippets.

  • Rich snippets are those that, in addition to title and description, show images, rating and reviews, prices for products, etc. This snippet is easier to get, but it will also bring low CTR improvements compared to a Featured snippet. Even if your position in a SERP will remain the same, your result will be more noticeable.
  • Featured snippets are an entire block of information that is shown at the top of a SERP. It can bring a great increase in CTR. But getting a good CTR is quite a bit trickier.

How to get your rich or featured snippet? Keep on reading!! To get both of these snippets for your website, you need to have a structured and optimized data of your website. Try online SEO tools to check your website content is well-structured! Optimize and put efforts on those keywords for zero rank or featured snippets for which your competitors are already taking place.

Local SEO is changing

The aforementioned report says most of the zero clicks searches are due to local SEO. So, for that digital marketing and SEO experts build-up their Google My Business page and work on it to get results. They do efforts on optimizing and ranking websites on keywords like ‘near me’ and those who are searching for address and phone numbers. But for those users, who needs complete information for certain products by comparing websites, there your traditional SEO techniques play an efficient role. So building quality backlinks and authority domain links are not worthless.

Google changing algorithms

For years now, Google is learning various algorithms to improve user experience and help avoid keyword-stuffed pages. After the BERT update, Google is emphasizing more 3 mechanisms – neural matching (to understand the intent of user query), RankBrain (refining the best results from collected data), and BERT (analyzing the structure of search to better understand the keyword context to be used).

For this, the website content creators must focus on the intent of user search query rather just to post it on website. The SEO experts and website designers have to work in a better way to post the best information which is relevant and specific to the user query. Thus website content is paramount nowadays.

Branding should be a priority

Since organic traffic does not generate much ROI. So for companies, the brand-building should be on high priority and most of them run paid campaigns on social channels to generate more traffic and leads which is worth useful. It’s obvious at this point that paid ads will become more prevalent and expensive for everybody who wants to grow through that avenue. In these conditions, brand awareness and brand building come to the forefront of digital marketers’ efforts.

Bottom line

The ultimate goal of every business is to gain traffic and convert them into leads. Nowadays, Google My Business is the best for local marketers and business to start with. Keeping a pulse on every marketing trends and changes and working as per them will be quite beneficial.

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