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Microsite Marketing is a very accurate method to reinforce the brand value in the market. Microsite is a website designed to market the new brand or a particular product or services. It is usually highlight a fresh product, possibly a new product launch. The micro sites can be used for various sales tools which include new product launch, sales promotion or their marketing related activities. Infipi is a leading web design company for Flash Microsites and Promotional websites. Our microsite solution includes flash based microsite, web based microsite, advertisement based microsite, and promosites based microsite. The microsites mostly are made separately and can be used on various websites for promotional activities. For a new product, microsite is considered as the most stylish way to communicate or make the mass aware about your new ventures. It also helps you in target marketing and web promotion. The designed microsite’s are definitely grabble the attention of the specific targeted clients and meet the market needs.


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- Sandeep Mohan

"Excellent professional service and team support. I am planning to expand my project and will continue to use Infipi Technologies."

- Naveen Jha

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